ETP4HPC Extreme-Scale Demonstrators Workshop, May 12, 2016, Prague


ETP4HPC held their Extreme-scale Demonstrator Workshop on the 12th May 2016 during the last day of the European HPC Summit Week in Prague.

This workshop was organised within the EXDCI project with the aim to provide a key input for the preparation of the EsD Calls for Proposals that the ETP4HPC will suggest in Work Programme 2018/19. It was also an opportunity for the stakeholders to network and interact.

The workshop was attended by representatives of FETHPC and other European HPC Technology projects, Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications and PRACE, which entailed all of European HPC Eco-system stakeholders, i.e. the developers and providers of HPC technology (including potential system integrators of the EsDs), application communities, infrastructure providers and a representative of the Commission in a discussion on the following topics in relation to the EsDs:

The main technical EsD characteristics and performance targets:

  • Defining a suite of challenging pre-exascale problems to validate the EsDs instances, together with examples of possible  applications
  • The options for funding and project implementation (including a detailed timetable)
  • Identifying potential parties interested in participating to the EsD calls
  • The HPC Technology Projects, Centres of Excellence for Computing Applications and other organisations provided presentations on their opinion of this proposal and their potential contribution to an EsD project.

You can see their slide presentations below:

Presentation Break-down

HPC Technology Projects

HPC Technology Projects

Centres of Excellence for Computing Applications


* All Presentations (grouped)

This workshop proved to be productive as there was much interaction, with many ideas and questions being put forward from all areas. Due to the success of this workshop and to further facilitate input for the preparation of the EsD Calls for Proposals, ETP4HPC is organising a follow-up workshop at ISC'16 - on 23rd June 2016, titled: 'Extreme-Scale Demonstrators – 2nd Discussion Round - Outlining EsD System Characteristics'.


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