Barcelona SRA workshop

Barcelona SRA workshop
Barcelona SRA workshop


The objective of the meeting was twofold:
• the ETP4HPC to present the current contents of their Strategic Research Agenda work
• to collect end-users’ feedback on that material in order to ensure the priorities and recommendations of the Strategic Research Agenda produce the desired impact on European industrial competitiveness.

There were representatives from companies covering various industry segments, from SMEs to very large organisations: Airbus, ArcelorMittal, Cenaero, Dassault Aviation, Ebi UK, Edf, Eni, Epson Meteo, Finmeccanica, L’Oreal, Renault, Termofluids, Total, T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH, T-Systems Spain.

The users gave the ETP4HPC the opportunity to better understand:
• How HPC can improve further the competitiveness of their business
• How HPC can improve the competitiveness of their industrial sectors in Europe
• What could be the positive impact of successful use of HPC industrial sectors
• What the user expect from a strengthened European HPC technology delivery ecosystem.

The result was a further understanding of the usage of HPC in industry and of the needs of the user community that participated to the workshop. It was a very important moment of gathering that served a basis for a reflection whose outcomes will be used during the preparation of the SRA.

Other outcomes were:
• focussing the SRA preparation on a smaller set of top-tier areas
• taking into account the objective of facilitating HPC use at all complexity levels,and considering a number of concepts such as affordability, ease of use, reliability and programmability
• targetting a broad range of systems including, but not limited to, extreme scale systems.

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