ETP4HPC is proud to welcome our 100th member!


It's the first time we have reached the 100 mark: the ETP4HPC Steering Board recently approved the application of EXAPSYS as an associated member. Fittingly, our 100th member is a Greek SME - SME make up almost 40% of our membership. This growth reflects the special efforts of our Office towards recruiting new members and supporting SMEs.

EXAPSYS  - for Exascale Performance Systems – is a start-up company focusing on commercially exploiting the research results of two Research Centers in the HPC area. The aim of EXAPSYS is to develop highly parallel innovative heterogeneous HPC systems and applications, utilizing FPGAs as well as other accelerators (e.g. AI accelerators). 

A warm welcome to EXAPSYS - and warm thanks to the other 99 members who support our association.

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