BDEC 2017 Closed Workshop, March 8-10, 2017, Wuxi, China


The Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing (BDEC) held their 5th closed workshop from March the 8th to the 10th in Wuxi, China. BDEC brings together experts from the U.S.A., Japan and Europe on Big Data and exascale developments. This year’s workshop allowed experts to get an update on the different Exascale initiatives worldwide and especially in China (the host country).

The workshop on Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) was premised on the idea that we must begin to systematically map out and account for the ways in which the major issues associated with Big Data intersect with, impinge upon, and potentially change the national (and international) plans that are now being laid for achieving exascale computing.

ETP4HPC was present at this workshop, with Jean-Pierre Panziera, Bull & ETP4HPC Chair, giving a presentation on the ‘European Union Overview’ on the 9th of March. Also, Jean-François Lavignon, TS-JFL & former ETP4HPC Chair, and Hugo Falter, ParTec & ETP4HPC Secretary, attended this workshop.

HPC experts were able to visit the supercomputer Sunway BaihuLight system, which is No.1 system on the top500 listing, with 93 petaflop/s.

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