Eurolab4HPC funding calls open


Eurolab4HPC opened 2 calls. The deadline for both is 31 October:

To promote applications for this BPP call, people interested in applying for this call can attend a free 2-day business-to-innovation workshop in Gothenburg on 7-8 October 2019, travel expenses included. 

Afterwards you can still apply for the Business Prototyping Project (BPP) which typically lasts 3 months and needs to end by 30 April 2020. Eurolab4HPC can grant up to 15 000 EUR for the winning ideas.

A funded Short Term Collaboration typically lasts 3 months, and needs to end by 20 April 2020. The objective of the instrument is to foster tight integration among research teams from multiple communities working across all levels: hardware, architectures, programming and applications, in alignment with the goals of the Eurolab4HPC Vision. 

The grants will provide funding for short cross-discipline visits, targeted at PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and academics to work on a common project in different layers of the compute stack. Funding is available for independent small studies and benchmarking activities to capture requirements, metrics and opportunities to improve the platforms and technologies. A short term collaboration grant has a maximum budget of 5 000 EUR.

Apply before 31 October 2019!

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