Status of relations with the European Community

Status of relations with the European Community
Status of relations with the European Community


ETP4HPC is actively engaging in with the European Community. The EC has listed ETP4HPC among the official European Technology Platforms in ICT (Cordis web site). Also, ETP4HPC expressed to the EC its interest in participation in the EC’s plans to extend its strategic support for HPC in Europe, as expressed in the Communication ‘High-Performance Computing: Europe’s Place in a Global Race’

This document was produced in response to an invitation issued by Thierry Van der Pyl, who welcomed the efforts of ETP4HPC to contribute to the implementation of the Commission strategy for High Performance Computing (HPC), through the preparation of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in this area in Horizon 2020.

In the process of defining Horizon2020, the EC would like to select, in addition to the KET and JTI categories, some domains of high priority to be emphasised in the programme. The EC foresees a PPP as a tool for implementing the programmes related to these domains. To distinguish from JTIs, these PPPs are called contractual PPP (cPPP). Selected proposals will be discussed between the EC and the stakeholders. If the discussions are successful, the common vision will be materialised in a contractual agreement.

Download “High-Performance Computing. Europe’s place in a GlobalRace” below.

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