EXDCI Technical Meeting, July 3-4, 2017, Bologna (including ETP4HPC - BDVA Workshop)


This is the agenda of the event.

DAY 1 -  a discussion on the current status of the EXDCI project and the preparations for its next round (EXDCI 2)

DAY 2 - ETP4HPC and BDVA held a joint workshop in order to synchronise the efforts of the two organisations and find 'a common language' in dealing with the Big Data and HPC challenges. The material from this event is available on a dedicated web page on EXDCI's website.

The main conclusions are:

  • Artificial Intelligence could play an important role in bridging the two areas.
  • The big data use cases, which BDVA has assembled, can provide a basis for work with the involvement of the EsDs.

A report will be produced to summarise the workshop - and it will be used in SRA 3 (to be published here)

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