ETP4HPC (HPC) and BDVA (Big Data) Technical Exchange Meeting, July 4, 2017, Bologna


ETP4HPC co-organised a technical exchange meeting with Big Data Value Association (BDVA) with the view of improving a common technical language between their HPC and Big Data platforms and also of  clarifying the perspective on common subjects as compute infrastructure and requirements for its next generation. The main focus of this meeting was on developing a better understanding of the intersections in scope, research directions and priorities of both platforms, with a central discussion topic on developing a commonly accepted view on the differences between typical HPC compute ecosystems and that of Big Data.

The topics covered were:

  • Common HPC and BD glossary: Determine a common reference to understand possible relationships between a typical HPC stack and a BD Analytics stack
  • Cross-Pollination of HPC and BD technologies: What respective technologies/approaches from a HPC stack or a BD Analytics stack can benefit the other’s needs e.g. respective hybrid systems that incorporate select elements from either HPC of BD technologies/approaches
  • Extreme BD workloads: Understand bottlenecks through better appreciation of centralised and decentralised processing of extreme big data workloads
  • Collaboration between HPC CoEs and BD CoEs: Facilitate better communication between HPC’s CoEs ( and BD CoEs (
  • Update on Extreme-scale Demonstrators (ESDs) and Exa-scale co-design
  • User engagement: Understanding user base (UX Analysis) and the need for skills development and business models
  • Exploring options for possible collaborations in view of the forthcoming WP 2018-2020

This workshop was organised within an EXDCI Technical Workshop, July 3-4, Bologna. The programme and material from this event are available here.

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