Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

The current SRA 4 is the fourth edition of the SRA. The final version was published at the beginning of 2020. Read it online below or download the PDF.

What is the SRA?

The roadmapping of the European HPC technology research is the main aim of our Association and the ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is our key deliverable. We have already issued four instances of our SRA, which have served as the basis for the HPC R&D Work Programmes to date.

Our Association has started working on its fifth SRA (5) with a view to delivering a fully-fledged document by the middle of 2021. This time we have organised the experts - representing the members of ETP4HPC - who would like to contribute to this SRA into the following Working Groups. 

ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda 5 (SRA 5) Working Groups 

  • System Architecture - leaders Laurent Cargemel (Atos), Estela Suarez (JSC), Herbert Cornelius (Megware)
  • System Hardware Components - leaders Marc Duranton (CEA - HiPEAC), Sakir Sezer (NVIDIA), Craig Prunty (SIPEARL)
  • System Software and Management - leaders Pascale Rosse-Laurent (Atos), Maria Perez (UPM - BDVA), Manolis Marazakis (FORTH)
  • Programming Environment - leaders Guy Lonsdale (Scapos), Paul Carpenter (BSC), Gabriel Antoniu (INRIA - BDVA)
  • I/O & Storage - leaders Andre Brinkmann (JGU - Mainz), Sai Narasimhamurthy (Seagate)
  • Mathematics & Algorithms - leaders Dirk Pleiter (KTH), Utz-Uwe Haus (HPE)
  • Application Co-design - leaders Erwin Laure (MPCDF), Andreas Wierse (SICOS)
  • Centre-to-edge-framework - leaders Jens Krueger (Fraunhofer), Hans-Christian Hoppe (Scapos)

(the following two groups are new in this SRA)

  • Quantum for HPC - leaders Valeria Bartsch (Fraunhofer), Cyril Allouche (Atos), Walter Ries (IBM Research), Kristel Michelsen (JSC)
  • Non-conventional HPC Architectures - leaders Johannes Schemmel (KIP-HD), Steve Furber (University of Manchester, Oskar Mencer (Maxeler), Tobias Becker (Maxeler), Robert Haas (IBM Research)


ETP4HPC has also opened the process of delivering White Papers, short documents tackling technical issues pertaining to European HPC. The findings of the White Papers will be re-used in the SRA and others streams of work such as the TransContinuum Initiative. The following topics have been selected in the first round of these documents (more rounds to come):

ETP4HPC White Papers - first round (March 2021 onward)

  • Towards Integrated Software Ecosystems for Computation, Processing and Learning Across the Edge-Cloud-HPC Computing Continuum

Coordinator: Gabriel Antoniu, INRIA

  • Processing in Memory

Coordinator: Paul Carpenter, BSC

  • Task-based performance portability

Coordinator: Gabriel Antoniu, INRIA


A bit of history

ETP4HPC maintains the SRA on a continuous basis. The first SRA was issued in 2013 and we published an update (SRA 2) in November 2015. SRA 3 was published in December 2017, and our latest SRA 4 at the beginning of 2020.


The SRA is the work of experts associated with ETP4HPC. We also welcome comments from other stakeholders and experts. In order to facilitate this process we open Public Calls for Comments.


 The SRA reflects the needs of the European HPC Technology providers and other members of the European HPC ecosystem, i.e.: PRACE (academic users), industrial HPC end users, Independent Software Vendors. We have also used the conclusions made available by other initiatives such as HiPEAC, EESI and PlanetHPC. We also talk to the Big Data community (represented by the Big Data Value Association).

The roadmap is developed through a series of internal and external workshops. A team of ETP4HPC experts supervise and manage the process, whilst the technical areas are developed by Working Groups led by members of ETP4HPC. All members of ETP4HPC can participate in the development of the SRA.


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