Supercomputing: a key cornerstone of the data-driven European economy


'Europe is in the middle of an economic revolution, and this revolution is digital. By being able to process the current explosion of data, High Performance Computing (HPC) is at the core of major advances and innovation in the digital age'.

'Whilst supercomputers have been around since the 1960s, experts all across the world agree that they will soon reach the height of their fame. The nature of computing is changing with an increasing number of data-intensive critical applications: by 2020, 25 billion devices will be connected and will generate over two zettabytes of traffic every year. With the European Cloud Initiative, the European Commission will provide researchers, industry, SMEs and public authorities with world-class supercomputers that bring state of the art computing and data storage capacity needed to excel in data-driven science and in the digital economy. The objective is to see a supercomputer based on EU technology among the world top three by 2022'.

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