ETP4HPC SRA 3 - Preparation


ETP4HPC is currently working on its new Strategic Research Agenda (SRA 3), which will be completed by the end of Sept 2017.

The ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is our key deliverable. It is a document that outlines a roadmap for the achievement of exa-scale capabilities by the European High-Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystem. The milestones set in the SRA are used to define the contents of the HPC Technology R&D Work Programmes managed by the European Commission.

It will be the 3rd issue and the 2nd full version of this document and it will cover the remaining part of Horizon 2020, serving as a reference for the technology (and application) related calls. As per our established process, the Working Groups of the SRA isopen to all ETP4HPC members and we will also consult other sources and experts, e.g. the Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications, Big Data Value Association, EuroLab4HPC, HiPeac and others. This work will be carried out within the EXDCI coordination action. In parallel with developing the SRA, ETP4HPC will continue all other strands of its activity, for example the definition and implementation of the Extreme-scale Demonstrators (EsDs).

Please find below the milestones (events/workshops and deliverables) of the process for writing SRA 3:

  • 20th March 2017: Kick-off meeting at IBM IOT center in Munich  (SRA –workgroup leads, application owners, CoE, HiPEAC, BDVA, EUROLAB-4-HPC). You can find the slides from this workshop here.
  • 3-21 April  2107 - SRA 3 'Popular' input - all SRA 3 Contributors (i.e. the ETP4HPC members listed in SRA 3 Working Groups) are requested to submit their bottom-up contributions. The input obtained will be reviewed by the relevant SRA 3 Working Groups.
  • 18th May 2017:  Extreme-Scale Demonstrators Round-Table - during the European HPC Summit Week (involving: FETHPC projects (who will present their potential input into the EsD projects), CoE, HPC centers, system integrators, technology providers). You can find the slides from this round-table here.   
  • 19th May 2017: 9-11am: SRA 3 Working Group Leaders Workshop (during the European HPC Summit Week) - Developing SRA Strategic Analysis and High-Level Technical Analysis. Location: Sala Severo Ochoa (Campus Nord UPC, Barcelona, near the BSC Computer - directions). The objective is to: 1/ complete an analysis of main HPC technology trends and 2/perform a SWOT analysis on the European HPC Technology Value Chain.
  • 22nd June 2017: Industrial Use of Extreme-Scale Demonstrators - a workshop with an objective to determine how companies (users of HPC) can benefit from the EsD projects and what they expect off future machines. You can find the slides of this workshop here.
  • 4th Jul 2017 - Bologna - within an EXDCI Technical Workshop - a common ETP4HPC/EsD - BDVA Workshop
  • May-July: writing, interlock with workgroups
  • 10th July 2017 @ IBM Zurich - Final SRA Working Group Leaders Workshop (all day - reviewing the entire document)
  • July: integration, tuning, review
  • 31st July 2017: completion target
  • 30th September 2017: release and distribution after WP17 call closure

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