BDVA and ETP4HPC 2nd Joint Workshop, November 20, 2017, Versailles


The 2nd Joint Workshop of BDVA and ETP4HPC took place on the afternoon of November 20th at Palais des Congrès, Versailles. The first technical interlock took place in Bologna on July 4th 2017. During this 2nd Joint Workshop there was an interlock between BDVA, ETP4HPC, BDEC, HiPEAC and AIOTI.

The Programme was as follows:

  • Motivation for the meeting, review of the agenda and the "bigger goal"
  • Introduction of AIOTI as organisation and their technical agenda
  • Review of 3 use cases: Open questions and suggestions
  • What IT landscape would be needed to implement the 3 use cases
  • CoE for BD - next steps
  • Joint look at ICT 11 and 12: How to interpret the call text?
  • Next events and steps

You can consult the full agenda here.

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