EXDCI Workshop, EHPCSW17, May 15, 2017, Barcelona


The EXDCI held a workshop on the opening day of the 2nd edition of the European HPC Summit Week (EHPCSW17) - the premier networking forum for High Performance Computing (HPC) - , which was hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center from May 15 to 19. This year’s edition saw an increase in attendance with over 350 registrations, which brought together experts from different areas in Europe. This event showcases the latest innovations in a wide range of HPC application areas, as well as investigating future technologies.

Sergi Girona, BSC Operations Director at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Council ViceChair of PRACE, officially declared the European HPC Summit Week open on Monday afternoon, which was followed directly by the European Extreme Data & Computing Initiative (EXDCI) workshop, with over 140 registrations.

During the 1st session of the workshop François Bodin, University of Rennes, gave an overview of EXDCI’s activities. This overview touched on issues and interests such as: comparing the smooth transition of tetra to peta in the past with the challenge that faces today; disruption in practice and information; Exascale-wise application characterisations; Exascale Transition Impact Example with workflows; Data cycles, Convergence of HPC and Data Analytics; SRA; ESD – prototypes – why do scientists need these to move forward; SME / Start-ups What are the main hurdles?; International cooperation with Pathways to convergence; Talent Generation and Training; and, Impact Monitoring. He presented EXDCI’s perspectives and the holistic vision with the cooperation of ETP4HPC, PRACE, FET projects, CoEs, and gave an answer to the question: Why does Exascale matter?, by concluding that it really does “We need prototypes soon” he said and continued by saying “We need early access.”

Mark Asch, University of Picardie Jules Verne, gave a presentation on international cooperation “Pathways to Convergence” and on how to advance and where do we stand in Europe. Marjolein Oorsprong, PRACE Communications Officer, stepped-in for Catherine Inglis, and gave a presentation on ‘Training and Promoting HPC’. Her presentation included: Tackling the shortage if skills in the workforce; Training; Job portal; and, Challenge: Coping with rising demand.

During the 2nd session Stéphane Requena, GENCI, gave a presentation on ‘Scientific Case Advance’, and discussed the WP3: Applications Roadmap Toward Exascale. Michael Malms, ETP4HPC, then presented the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and also the 2018-2020 Work Programme Overview’. Paul Carpenter & Viçent Bertran, BSC, gave a presentation on ‘COE Highlight: OMPSS’. The workshop was concluded by Sergi Girona & François Bodin.

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