Here is what we meant to share with you at ISC


Today 22nd June, we should have been in Frankfurt on our ISC booth, hosting 4 of our SME members as co-exhibitors. We had several boxes of  our  SRA 4 to distribute, and we were looking forward to exchange with many players of the European HPC ecosystem. Nothing can replace our booth at ISC as a meeting and networking place, but we hope you will enjoy what we have organised instead:

  • If you missed our 19 June webinar, watch the recording  to discover our Transcontinuum Initiative,  which is a cooperative follow-up of our work on the Strategic Research Agenda.
  • Visit the virtual showcase page with our 4 SME members Bright Computing, ConstelCom, NAG and Submer:  short videos give you a flavour of who they are and what they do. They are also invited  for a brief talk during our 3rd July live webinar.
  • Register for our next webinar: 3rd July, 10:30 am. Three new members have been invited (the French SME Agenium Scale,  the EOFS association  and the Italian SME Do IT Systems), and we will ask 5 questions to 2 long-running projects: DEEP-EST and Mont-Blanc.

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