EXDCI workshop in Rome, September 29-30, 2015

EXDCI workshop in Rome, September 29 and 30
EXDCI workshop in Rome, September 29 and 30


Following ETP4HPC General Assembly, September 29th in Rome, ETP4HPC and PRACE joined forces at EXDCI* HPC Workshop in Rome.

This first Workshop brought together the organisations representing the three pillars of European HPC: PRACE (infrastructure), as well as the FETHPC projects (technology) the Centres of Excellence (CoE – applications). The objective of the event was to begin the process of synchronising the activities of the entire European Eco-system by presenting the work of all the projects and organisations involved. EXDCI will continue to facilitate this coordination process, a process in which ETP4HPC will participate.

* About EXDCI “Extreme Data and Computing Initiative”

EXDCI’s objective is to coordinate the development and implementation of a common strategy for the European HPC Ecosystem. The two most significant HPC bodies in Europe, PRACE and ETP4HPC, join their expertise in this 30-month project with a budget of € 2.5 million, starting from September 2015. EXDCI aims to support the road-mapping, strategy-making and performance-monitoring activities of the ecosystem, i.e.:

  • Producing and aligning roadmaps for HPC Technology and HPC Applications
  • Measuring the implementation of the European HPC Strategy
  • Building and maintaining relations with other international HPC activities and regions
  • Supporting the generation of young talent as a crucial element of the development of European HPC

EXDCI will complement the Horizon 2020 calls and projects in the achievement of a globally competitive HPC Ecosystem in Europe. Following the vision of the European Commission in HPC, this ecosystem is based on three pillars: HPC Technology Provision, HPC Infrastructure and HPC Application Resources.

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