Round-table on Future FET Flagships, December 15, 2016, Brussels


ETP4HPC was invited to join the Round-table on Future FET Flagships, which took place in Brussels on December 15th, 2016. The initiative of this high level round-table was to get the view of the main stakeholders on candidate topics for future Flagships, with member states representatives (and associated countries as observers), industry representatives and industry associations, and large research organisations as well as EU academic associations. ETP4HPC was represented at this round table by Dr. Bourgoin from CEA, who presented ETP4HPC views. This was the occasion to acknowledge the importance of more flagships, with ambitious societal and economic objectives. The central role of ICT technologies and methods (including high performance computing and data-centric computing) was emphasised as well as the importance in addressing both R&D for ICT and ICT for R&D.

This round-table was a step towards the preparation of the FET WP2018-2020-Call for 4 to 6 Flagship preparatory actions.

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