ETP4HPC HPC End-User and ISV Workshops

ETP4HPC HPC End-User and ISV Workshops
ETP4HPC HPC End-User and ISV Workshops


Our Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is being updated in 2015. For that reason, ETP4HPC organised a HPC End-User Workshop on 22nd June 2015 in Palaiseau (one day before the TERATEC Forum), then a HPC ISV Workshop on 24th June, during the second day of TERATEC Forum.

ETP4PHC, its Strategic Reserach Agenda and the HPC cPPP

Since its creation in 2012, ETP4HPC has become one of the driving forces shaping the European High-Performance Computing (HPC) Ecosystem. We are an industry-led forum of companies, research centres, end-users and other stakeholders, whose main aim to provide recommendations for the HPC Technology Research and Development Programme in Europe. The guidelines included in our first SRA (2013) and other subsequent documents were reflected in the first call of the EC’s Horizon 2020 programme (FETHPC), paving the way for a total of €700M investment in HPC R&D. We are also the EC’s partner in the contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP) for HPC (one of the eight PPP’s in existence), which monitors the development of the entire Ecosystem and coordinated the investment commitments of the industry and public side. With three rounds of FETHPC calls remaining till the end of the Programme, we are preparing an update of the SRA, which will help the EC define the exact contents of the next calls.

End-Users form one of the three pillars of the HPC Ecosystem. In the first Workshop on 22nd June, they were invited to take an active part in the design of the HPC research programme.  Applications and related services form another of the three pillars of the HPC Ecosystem. They were present during the second Workshop on 24th June.

In this process, both End-Users and ISVs were able to ascertain that the technology developed and made available by the European HPC technology providers meets their needs. This input will be included in the SRA and our programme proposal will reflect End-Users and ISVs requirements.


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