Strategic Research Agenda Update

Strategic Research Agenda Update
Strategic Research Agenda Update


Strategic Research Agenda Update Released November 2015

ETP4HPC as an industry-led think tank and advisory group of companies and research centres involved in HPC (i.e. Supercomputing) technology research in Europe has just released an update to the European High-Performance Computing (HPC) Technology Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) issued for the first time in 2013 by ETP4HPC. This SRA update will be followed by a full issue in 2017. There will be a call for feedback which will be used in future issues.
ETP4HPC issues and maintains this SRA as a mechanism to provide contextual guidance to European Researchers and Businesses and also to guide EU priorities for research in the Horizon 2020 HPC programme. This SRA delineates a roadmap for the achievement of European exascale capabilities focusing on the following areas: HPC System Architecture and Components, Energy and Resiliency, Programming Environment, System Software and Management, Big Data and HPC Usage Models, Balance Compute, I/O and Storage Performance, Mathematics and algorithms for extreme scale HPC systems and Extreme-Scale Demonstrators.
This SRA Update will serve as a reference text for FETHPC 16-17 recently published calls and also suggests future paths for EsDs, CoEs, ISVs, end-users etc. for calls in 18-19, when the implementation of Extreme-Scale Demonstrators should take place. Whilst this report points heavily towards the H2020 HPC program for its delivery, the primary objective is to develop Europe’s HPC ecosystem and maximise its exploitation.
ETP4HPC would like to express their gratitude and thanks to those who contributed in the issuing of this SRA Update, which includes experts and ISVs to SMEs and end-users.



For further information please contact the ETP4HPC Office at:

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