ETP4HPC elects its new Steering Board!


At our first in-person General Assembly since 2019, the ETP4HPC members elected their new Steering Board. We are excited to welcome 4 new organisations: ECMWF, SiPearl, Airbus and Nvidia. The new Steering Board will elect its Board (chair, vice-chairs, secretary...) on its first meeting on 29 March.

ETP4HPC is managed by a Steering Board of 15 members representing:

  • Research centres (5 representatives): CEA , Cineca, ECMWF, Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ), Fraunhofer
  • European SMEs (3 representatives): Megware, ParTec, SiPearl
  • European-controlled corporations (5 representatives): Airbus, Atos/Bull, Leonardo, Seagate, Thales
  • International companies with R&D in Europe (2 representatives): IBM Research, Nvidia

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