ETP4HPC at HiPEAC digital conference for a joint workshop with HiPEAC


 Our joint ETP4HPC-HiPEAC session will take place on 18 January 2021 at 3pm: Bringing the HiPEAC and ETP4HPC Communities together through the TransContinuum initiative.

To pursue and extend the collaborative work started around HPC in the Digital Continuum four our Strategic Research Agenda, ETP4HPC is coordinating the  TransContinuum Initiative, created with the stakeholders of all other related technologies (HiPEAC, BDVA, AIOTI, ECSO, 5GIA, EU-MATHS-IN and CLAIRE). The contribution of HiPEAC has been instrumental in the development of the new concept of the TransContinuum.

Don't miss this session if you want to know more about the TransContinuum Initiative (TCI). This session will familiarise the audience with the TransContinuum concept through selected use cases developed within the TransContinuum initiative to illustrate how the technologies pertaining to the HiPEAC community collaborate with HPC and other technologies within complex systems.



3 - 3:20pm - The Concept of the TransContinuum Initiative (TCI) - Michael Malms, ETP4HPC Office and TCI Lead

3:20 - 3:40pm - USE CASE 1 - Real Time (Performance) Digital Twins - Dirk Hartmann, Siemens

3:40 - 4pm - USE CASE 2 - Extremes Prediction - Peter Bauer, ECMWF


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