ETP4HPC webinar on Vega


On 12 April we continue our tour of EuroHPC supercomputers with the HPC Vega system, hosted by IZUM in Maribor in Slovenia. Aleš Zemljak and Žiga Zebec from IZUM have kindly agreed to present Vega.

Aleš Zemljak will first give an overview of HPC Vega: "HPC Vega - Slovenian Peta-scale Supercomputer". He will touch on the system's design, architecture and installation, focusing on the most user-relevant basic concepts of High Performance Computing and their relation to HPC Vega.

Dr Žiga Zebec will then present "HPC Vega: Powering Scientific Discovery ", a talk focusing on the science that is conducted on HPC Vega, i.e. "use cases".


More information and registration>>

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