Short report on education and training workgroup

Short report on education and training workgroup
Short report on education and training workgroup


Within the European arena there exists an array of provisions for Education and Training (E&T) in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), to date this has had a strong focus on the needs of end users of HPC technology.
ETP4HPC sees that there are areas of significant improvement in provision that can positively influence the further growth of the ecosystem for HPC in Europe.

As a result of this data gathering and review we have identified a set of Goals toward which ETP4HPC can target its future activities:
• Communicating with all organisations with interest in HPC E&T
• Improved content and coverage of educational materials
• Improved accessibility to E&T materials and facilities
• Improving overall view of HPC (and wider computing technology) as a subject for study.
• Supporting and Increase coverage of a ‘community’ of organisations both academic and commercial/industrial involved in HPC related education and Research.
o Growing the community through expansion in academic and industrial community of HPC researchers.
• Influencing funding and other support targeting HPC education
• Widening range of targeted individuals and decision makers, particularly Industrial and youth oriented.
o Motivation and Awareness – from High Schools, through to Masters and PhD and particularly Industrial users and business decision makers.
• Providing exemplary information within the educational community
• Recognition of ETP4HPC as a moving force in E&T for HPC in Europe

ETP4HPC is producing a report that will review the data gathered through 2 online surveys, one on the Needs of the technology provider community and one reviewing current providers of HPC education, addressing the needs of HPC systems user communities..

An analysis of the gaps in provisioning the needs of all relevant groups by the range of potential providers will lead to suggestions and recommendations made for the furtherance of E&T agenda in Europe looking at the areas of potential that can be affected directly or indirectly through ETP4HPC.

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