Ideal-ist Workshop:Inside cPPP-ICT Proposers' Day 2016, September 27, Bratislava, Slovakia


Incheba Conference Center

During the ICT Proposers’ Day 2016, Marcin Ostasz, ETP4HPC Office expert/BSC, took part in the panel discussion, during the ‘Inside contractual Public Private Partnerships’ (cPPPs) Ideal-ist Workshop, with other cPPP representatives. The areas of discussion covered: 5G; Photonics; HPC (by Marcin Ostasz); Cybersecurity; FoF; Big Data; and Robotics.

Carlos Oliveira, DG Connect, gave an introduction to this workshop, where questions such as: What is a cPPP?; What role do they play within H2020?; What are the ECs expectations towards cPPPs and H2020?; What about the collaboration between EC and cPPPs (in particular regarding topic definition for the H2020 Workprogrammes)?; Looking forward to WP2018/19 – will the role of cPPPs change?; were addressed.

This workshop was coordinated by Idealist and jointly co-organised with the European Commission. The aim of the workshop was to give participants (proposers and policy makers) an idea about cPPPs work, their approach and vision, with the cPPPs statements giving answers to questions regarding membership, cPPP structure and vision and providing the audience with an insight into what it means to be linked with, informed about the PPP and to what extend it is important to know about the cPPP activities whilst being active in the research field.

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