EUMaster4HPC call for internships: leverage the skills of their students


The EUMaster4HPC call for internships is open until 16 August. They are actively seeking proposals from industry, supercomputing centres, and research institutions. This is a unique opportunity for organisations to leverage the skills and talents of the EUMaster4HPC students.

Why Consider EUMaster4HPC Students for Internships?

  • Immediate Technical Contributions: EUMaster4HPC students are not just learners; they are innovators equipped with cutting-edge skills in high-performance computing. From the first day, they are prepared to make impactful contributions to your projects, bringing fresh perspectives and technical expertise.
  • Talent Pipeline for Future Employment: By hosting EUMaster4HPC students, you have the chance to discover and nurture the next generation of HPC experts. This is an opportunity to secure top talent for your organisation and ensure a robust pipeline of skilled professionals ready to tackle future challenges.
  • Enhanced Project Outcomes: Collaborating with EUMaster4HPC students can drive innovation, accelerate research, and achieve superior project results. Their involvement can bring new insights and energy, enhancing the overall success of your initiatives.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

This internship call is a golden opportunity to advance your projects while contributing to the development of future leaders in high-performance computing. By having EUMaster4HPC interns, you will not only benefit from their immediate technical contributions but also invest in the long-term growth of your organisation and the HPC community.

Key Details:

Deadline: Submit your proposals by 16 August 2024.

Submission Link: Go to the submission form

Each internship proposal will be considered by the selection committee including members from UNITO, UNIPV, ETP4HPC, Teratec, Cineca, URCA, and SU. We thank them for their invaluable contributions to this initiative.

For more information about the requirements and submission process, please visit the Internship page.

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