SRA 3 Round-table, EHPCSW17, May 18, 2017, Barcelona


ETP4HPC organised a workshop on behalf of EXDCI during the 2nd edition of the European HPC Summit Week, which was hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center on May 18th. This workshop took place as a Round-table based on Extreme-scale Demonstrators: Exploiting the Potential of European HPC Stakeholders in Extreme-Scale Demonstrators.

ETP4HPC would like to continue the development of its Extreme-Scale Demonstrators (EsDs) concept through this discussion involving all European HPC stakeholders. The concept of European HPC system prototypes has been proposed by ETP4HPC and it is available at: The EsDs are research projects aimed at integrating European HPC Technology and Application expertise into fully operational world-class HPC systems. This concept is included in our current EC Work Programme 2018-20 draft and forms the core of the further development of HPC technology in Europe.

The objective of this peer-to-peer Round-table workshop was to allow all stakeholders to become familiar with the potential of the European HPC Eco-system on an equal basis, and with the view of setting up consortia to lead to successful EsD projects.

It was also a means of providing an opportunity for a level-set and also a discussion leading up to the EsD concept's publication in a WP18-20 call this autumn. There were over 140 participants registered for this round-table. Representatives of various stakeholder groups (FP 7 and FETHPC projects, application owners (EXDCI WP3), CoEs, integrators, technology providers, HPC centres/PRACE) who are participating in future EsD projects were presented with the opportunity to have an update on one another’s work and to jointly develop a position in regard to a set of critical project implementation aspects through a panel discussion.

4 FP 7 projects and 11 FETHPC projects, which are currently underway, presented their most likely contributions to the EsD projects, based on these questions that they were expected to answer during their short presentation.

The projects that presented were:

These are the general presentations used at the Workshop: Agenda, EsD Concept Update, Top-down system design approach, Applications (CoEs)

ETP4HPC shall be hosting the ‘European HPC Extreme-scale Demonstrators Workshop for Industrial End-Users’ during the International Supercomputing Conference 2017 in the Marriot Hotel Frankfurt, June 22, Frankfurt. This meeting will (1) provide insight into the EsD concept and its setup, and (2) allow interested industrial HPC users and ISVs to express their needs and expectations regarding the potential use of EsDs.

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