ETP4HPC moderates a webinar co-organised by Graphcore and Simula


Using Graphcore IPU systems at the convergence of AI and HPC

29 June, 16:00 CEST

ETP4HPC members Graphcore and Simula are joining forces to organise a webinar around the usage of Graphcore's IPU for scientific research, with the testimony of the Simula Research Laboratory. We are delighted to support them and moderate this event!

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Graphcore's IPU is designed from the ground up to support AI and machine learning workloads. Increasingly, innovators are using AI solutions like IPUs, using FP32 arithmetic (or lower) to accelerate scientific workloads, instead of traditional HPC computing.

Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo, Norway, hosts the Experimental Infrastructure for Exploration of Exascale Computing (eX3), which provides researchers early access to a wide range of high-performance computing technologies including access to AI-specific hardware like Graphcore’s IPUs.

In this webinar, Johannes Langguth, Research Director at Simula Laboratory, will discuss his team's recent research around data-dependent graph computations. He will also cover avenues of research now possible with IPU systems, including how to efficiently conduct large-scale sparse linear algebra operations commonly found in physics-based HPC workloads. Alex Titterton, AI Engineer at Graphcore, will speak about the IPU's unique architecture and the co-designed Poplar SDK.

This webinar will be moderated by Pascale Bernier-Bruna, Head of Communications at ETP4HPC.

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