A very satisfying ICT13

A very satisfying ICT13
A very satisfying ICT13


ETP4HPC has just closed down their booth at ICT13 in Vilnius. The EU driven digital agenda event was the right place to be since we engaged in many interesting talks with potential members and other ETPs, especially NESSI, with which there are many areas of convergence, first of all big data.
Due to the type of event, very much focused on R&D, a lot of interest came from Universities and Research centres, although companies, in particular innovative SMEs, appreciated the potential of joining ETP4HPC to make their voices heard.

The ICT13 has been a very valuable display in front of many EU delegates, things that could help the on-going PPP engagement.

The ICT13 has been a very appealing show, with a presence for each key European project and the participation of many forward looking European and not European companies.

The slides used during the Networking Event are available for download at the link below.

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