BDVA announces official publication of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda


BDVA has  announced the official publication of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This publication is the 4th version of their agenda and it defines the overall goals, main technical and non-technical priorities, and a research and innovation roadmap for the European Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Big Data Value. You may read the publication here.

ETP4HPC has been collaborating with BDVA on Big Data and HPC via different workshops and respective roadmap synchronisations.

As stated in this new BDVA SRIA (Section 2.5.1. High Performance Computing with ETP4HPC) 'The Big Data and HPC communities (through BDVA and ETP4HPC collaboration29) have recognised their common interests in strengthening Europe’s position regarding extreme data analytics. Recent engagements between PPPs have focused on the relevant issues of looking at how HPC and Big Data platforms are implemented, understanding the platform requirements for HPC and Big Data workloads, and exploring how the cross-transfer of certain technical capabilities belonging to either HPC or Big Data could benefit each other. For example, the application of deep learning is one such workload that readily stands to benefit from certain HPC-type capabilities regarding optimising and parallelising difficult optimisation problems.'

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