ETP4HPC webinar #2 as if you were there


In our 2nd webinar we invited the 4 SMEs (Submer, NAG, Constelcom, Bright Computing) that were meant to exhibit on our ISC booth, and asked 5 questions to projects DEEP-EST and Mont-Blanc 2020. It was also the opportunity for 3 new ETP4HPC members (Agenium Scale, DoIT Systems, EOFS) to introduce themselves.

If you missed the webinar or want to watch it again, the video is available in our Webinar Centre>

The presentation is available here>



- 3 new members introduce themselves (5 minutes each)

Today meet Agenium Scale (French SME), DoIT Systems (Italian SME) and the EOFS association.

- the 4 SMES that were meant to exhibit on our booth at ISC (5 min each)

Bright Computing

- 5 questions to projects DEEP-EST and Mont-Blanc 2020

  1. What three top results will the project deliver?
  2. What are the TRL levels of these deliverables and which next steps do you plan to push them onto a higher TRL level?
  3. What are your next steps to actively promote the use of these top 3 results?
  4. Who would you like to collaborate with in Europe?
  5. EuroHPC is promoting European sovereignty in HPC technology provisioning. How will you contribute to this aim?

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