HiPEAC Conference, online, including a joint ETP4HPC-HiPEAC session on 18 January at 3pm

From 18/01/2021 to 20/01/2021


The HiPEAC conference is the premier European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems. The HiPEAC 2021 conference will not take place in Budapest, Hungary,  but online, from 18 to 20 January. Associated workshops, tutorials, special sessions, several large poster sessions and an industrial exhibition will run in parallel with the conference.


 Our joint ETP4HPC-HiPEAC sess/pujades/files/HiPeac%20Conference%20-%20ETP4HPC-HiPEAC%20Session%20-%20Agenda%20-%201(1).pdfion will take place on 18 Jan 2021 at 3pm.

Bringing the HiPEAC and ETP4HPC Communities together through the TransContinuum initiative



In order to structure the definition of the priorities and reflect the diversity of the roles HPC and other related technologies play in complex workflow systems, ETP4HPC has engaged the stakeholders of all other related technologies (HiPEAC, BDVA, AIOTI, ECSO, 5GIA, EU-MATHS-IN and CLAIRE). The contribution of HiPEAC has been instrumental in the development of the new concept of the TransContinuum, which serves as a platform for all this work.

The term TransContinuum describes the defining characteristic of the system required for the convergence of data and compute capabilities in many leading-edge industrial and scientific use scenarios. The systems of the future will encompass millions of compute devices distributed over scientific instruments, IoT, supercomputers and Cloud systems through LAN, WLAN and 5G networks. Furthermore, it is widely recognised that AI will play a central role in these extreme-scale, continuum infrastructures.

The second thread of ETP4HPC’s work is the collection of use cases to illustrate the application of TransContinuum technologies. Examples of such workflows and their implementations are being provided by organisations which represent the various elements of the TransContinuum. These use cases will provide material for the definition of HPC-related research work programmes.


This session has three objectives:

1. To familiarise the audience with the TransContinuum concept through selected use cases.

2. To highlight the topics of interest both to the HPC community and the HiPEAC community and to provide an insight into the planned HPC Work Programme, with an emphasis on the calls that may be relevant to the HiPEAC Community.

3. To present two use cases developed within the TransContinuum initiative to illustrate how the technologies pertaining to the HiPEAC community collaborate with HPC and other technologies within complex systems.



3 - 3:20pm - The Concept of the TransContinuum Initiative (TCI) - Michael Malms, ETP4HPC Office and TCI Lead

3:20 - 3:40pm - USE CASE 1 - Real Time (Performance) Digital Twins - Dirk Hartmann, Siemens

3:40 - 4pm - USE CASE 2 - Extremes Prediction - Peter Bauer, ECMWF


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