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EOFS (European Open Files Systems) was founded in 2010 as a Societas Cooperativa Europaea (SCE Ltd), registered in Munich, Germany, to foster the establishment and adoption of open source parallel file systems, sustain and enhance its quality, capabilities and functionality and to ensure that specific requirements of European organizations, institutions and companies are upheld. EOFS’s initial focus was clearly to secure future support and development of the open-source parallel file systems LUSTRE® as its fate and future ownership was unclear at that time.

EOFS considers parallel file systems and related technologies as critical components of large HPC systems from entry level through Exascale. Its founding members included companies and institutions from France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, United Kingdom and the US.

Since then EOFS has expanded its activities also beyond LUSTRE® to include the file system BeeGFS®, originally developed by the Fraunhofer Society as the Fraunhofer Parallel File System, and will continue to include and support specifically European developments and products as they become available.






EOFS has also been participating in meetings and sessions concerning the future development of LUSTRE® and BeeGFS® as well as its potential extension to technologies for Exascale computing as for example in the context of the European E10 project.


EOFS keeps cooperating with its US-based counterpart OpenSFS and has been successfully submitting and organizing key sessions at international HPC conferences like ISC and SC. The EOFS-driven Birds-of-a-feather session on the status and future development of LUSTRE® more recently became the best-attended BoF sessions at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) in Germany.


In close collaboration with OpenSFS, EOFS reached an agreement with the company Seagate that on Nov. 2nd 2019 EOFS and OpenSFS jointly became the owners all assets related to the URL “lustre.org” as well as the word LUSTRE® and its design marks.

Since then both organizations are maintaining those assets under join ownership for the benefit of the Lustre community.


EOFS also has started to collaborate with EU-SMEs, EU research institutions and large EU government organizations to establish joint projects and foster knowledge transfer for their mutual benefits.
EOFS will outreach specifically to EU-SMEs and promote their visibility at major HPC events to enhance their competitiveness vs. well-known and established solutions, products and enterprises.


Looking ahead EOFS plans to significantly enhance its membership with a clear focus on European institutions, companies and SMEs with the goal to ensure that EU-developed technologies and features are competitive, cover the specific needs of the EU and become visible beyond Europe. This is what the “E” in EOFS stands for!


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