EnginSoft is one of the leading technology transfer companies in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES). Since its foundation in 1984, through our expansion in the sector in the mid-Seventies, to the present day with a global presence, EnginSoft has always been at the forefront of technological innovation.

We are unique in our field simultaneously having specific and advanced skills in all disciplines in which simulation technologies are utilized, combined with the vital complementary statistical approaches, scientific computing know-how and simulation process and data management (SPDM) knowledge and experience to assist customers to safely and effectively navigate, exploit and manage the vast and complex data and information obtained both from SBES applications and from direct physical testing.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to guide and assist customers with the process of digital transformation by identifying and resolving all the problems concerning the integration of simulation with other digital technologies, from the conception of a product, to its design and production – including plant planning and commissioning – right down to operations, across every industrial sector and business dimension, and fully consistent with the relevant development projects and investment plans.

We are present in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S.A. and have a close partnership with synergetic companies located in Greece, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Japan, Korea and the U.S.A.

We work across a broad range of industries that includes automotive, energy, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, civil and structural engineering, metals, machining and manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, healthcare and biomechanics, helping customers to best leverage existing legacy and emerging simulation technologies.

EnginSoft and HPC 

EnginSoft is active in PRACE, is partner in FORTISSIMO and a member of Ter@tec. Furthermore, EnginSoft has been entitled to represent high level stakeholder for industry at the Strategy Meeting on High Performance Computing (held by President Barroso). All research projects in which EnginSoft has been involved are characterized by the intensive usage of hardware, software and knowledge to provide the high computing competences necessary to solve large and complex problems in science and engineering. EnginSoft manages, for itself and for customers, many HPC clusters located all around Europe providing support services in the CAE context. It is specialized in building turnkey solutions both as services or as in-house private clusters.

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