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ConstelCom: The benefits of ETP4HPC membership for a (small) SME

"Constelcom joined ETP4HPC in December 2018 as an associated member. This proved so positive for our company that we quickly upgraded to full member. In June 2019, ETP4HPC let us have one of the co-exhibitor slots on their booth at the ISC conference in Frankfurt. ISC was a fantastic experience for our young company: it made us fully visible in the HPC community, and we were able to make valuable contacts – potential partners, potential customers, not forgetting the interesting exchanges with the ETP4HPC team and other members. Beyond this operation, here is what we gain from being part of ETP4HPC:

  • Being informed about the various HPC activities at European and worldwide level.  Without being part of ETP4HPC, it is nearly impossible to follow everything or even to understand the different strands, programs and their motivation.  This is true of future and present but also past activities. 
  • Being able to meet in assemblies, at conferences such as ISC, during teleconferences, fellow HPC actors in Europe.  Particularly, actors which represent the full spectrum, from hardware to software, academic, research institutions and industry.  The outcomes are knowledge, understanding who's who, who does what, understanding different centres, etc. but also potentially partnering.
  • The corollary is also then being able to influence the programs to come based on our understanding of the demand and requirements.  For example, participation in the SRAs is a unique opportunity for us.  We can help shape programs and learn a lot through interacting with partners.  This provides a framework for work without needing to have a project already in place.  It also makes it possible to work on different topics at the same time.

Nicolas Tonello, CEO and founder of Constelcom Ltd, a UK-based SME that develops and markets the web-accessible Constellation platform providing easy and secure access to on-premises HPC resources.

  • Having exposure and access to other networks such as BDVA (Big Data Value Association).  Such networks are highly relevant to our work and could potentially provide collaborations or clients
  • Benefiting from ETP4HPC's prestige and activities.  Showing that we are members is a very strong statement of intent and the association with ETP4HPC brings a recognition which is impossible to achieve for a small, young firm.  Being accepted as a member indicates that we are serious and relevant.
  • Somewhat related to the above and unexpected but of very high value, I also found the interaction with ETP4HPC and PRACE members to bring a lot of value from the standpoint of their feedback on our offer and their views of our target space through their questions and comments.
  • And, of course the networking which can be achieved through the members and organisers of ETP4HPC and as a consequence of being a member."


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