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Our objective is to build a world-class HPC technology industry in Europe. Any organisation interested in HPC technology research and use in Europe is welcome as a member of ETP4HPC:

  • Technology providers (i.e. manufacturers of HPC /supercomputing/ technology )
  • Research centres performing HPC technology research
  • Industrial Users of HPC  looking for advanced technological HPC systems
  • Computing centres working on HPC technology or innovative HPC system operation
  • ISVs facing the multi-core/new architectures disruption

The advantages of  ETP4HPC membership

As a member of our association, you will be able to influence the definition of the European R&D HPC strategy by contributing to the ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda. You will be part of an organisation that shapes the future of European HPC and participates in all important decision-making processes in this field.

You will also be able to:

  • Network with other members and the entire European HPC ecosystems.
    • Our web Member's Area includes a networking facility - members can create a networking profile visible to other members.
    • Our Association's meetings (e.g. General Assemblies) include networking events (such as networking cocktails and presentations of new members).
  • Pool your actions with those of others members
  • Anticipate evolutions related to your activity (e.g. the latest technology developments or research programmes)
  • Increase the visibility and the voice of your organisation
  • Access HPC knowledge and resources

Exclusive services available to Full SME Members: co-exhibiting with ETP4HPC on major HPC tradeshows; presense in ETP4HPC sponsored publications and other media.

The advantages of ETP4HPC membership explained by our members

ConstelCom: The benefits of ETP4HPC membership for a (small) SME

Seagate: A testimony from AN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY on the benefits of being an ETP4HPC member

Who can be a full (active) member

Any organisation which carries out significant research and development activities in the field of HPC technology in Europe (e.g. EU-based or international corporate organisations, SMEs or research organisations) are welcome to join us as Full/Active Members. These members have the right to vote at our General Assemblies in order to elect the Steering Board and they are also able to be elected to the Steering Board.


Who can be an associated member

Any organisation with activities related to HPC technology is welcome to become an Associated Member. These members cannot vote or be elected to the Steering Board, but they can participate in all the activities of the association. For example, the following categories of organisations might want to become an Associated Member:

  • Companies or organisations active in the HPC area (but with no significant research in the field of HPC technology)
  • Individuals interested in HPC development



The General Assembly has set the annual  membership fees for 2022 (in Euros):

Full Members: Large Companies (Categories C - European Corporations and D - Global Corporations): 6000; Research Organisations (Category B): 3000; SMEs (Category A): 2100

Associated Members: Large Companies/Organisations: 2000; SMEs: 350

Fees do not include VAT in cases where this is applicable.

Membership application process


    Associated member DOC or

    Full member DOC or

  2. SEND IT TO:

    You will be contacted by a member of our Office to discuss the membership further.

You can find ETP4HPC bylaws HERE

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