SC17 BoF

Our Supercomputing 17 Birds-of-a-Feather session took place on 14th Nov 2017 (Tue) from 5.15pm to 7pm in Room 501-502

The main conclusion of this BoF is the need to focus on co-design which is an effective way to develop HPC (and other capabilities).

There is a good article on our BoF in The Next Platform.

BoF Title: European Exascale Projects and Their Global Contributions

Europe  presented a holistic view of its HPC development and showcase its selected projects that contribute to the global exascale R&D effort.

The European HPC Technology and Application programme covers the entire HPC system stack and application expertise; including system prototypes (see for a full description).

We summarised our ambitions and the contribution of our projects, present selected technology (Mont-Blanc, SAGE) and application projects (BioExcel) and discuss our role in the global HPC effort. The European EXDCI ( booth, publications (European HPC Handbook) and the ETP4HPC website facilitated networking before and after the BoF.


Download our BoF flyer here or consult the SC programme.

The European HPC Handbook that is to be distributed at the event is available here.


The BoF Programme:

14th Nov 2017, 5.15-7PM in Room 501-502, SC BoF code - bof101s2 /European Exascale Projects and Their Global Contributions

5.15PM - START

5min- Welcome Message - Jean-Pierre Panziera – ETP4HPC Chairman

15 min - The European HPC Strategy – Eugene Griffiths – ETP4HPC Steering Board

30 min - Selected European HPC Projects:

  • BioExcelErwin Laure - KTH (10 min)
  • SAGE - Sai Narasimhamurthy – Seagate (10 min)
  • Mont-BlancEtienne Walter – Atos (10 min)

10min - A Holistic View of European HPC - François Bodin – EXDCI

5min - An Update on the US HPC Ecosystem - Paul Messina - Exascale Computing Project, US

5 min - An Update on the Japanese HPC Ecosystem - Yutaka Ishikawa – Riken, Japan

20 min - A panel discussion moderated by François Bodin of the EXDCI – the European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative (the project coordination the European HPC Strategy).

7PM - FINISH (with a 15 min back-up)

Presention Slides:


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