ETP4HPC is one of the 36 European Technology Platforms. ETP4HPC was incorporated as a Dutch association in December 2012.

Any organisation with HPC R&D activities in Europe can become a full member of ETP4HPC and be elected in the ETP4HPC Steering Board. Other organisations can become associated members.

Both full and associated members are invited to our General Assembly activities, and can take part in our Working Groups.

Steering Board

ETP4HPC is managed by a Steering Board of 15 members representing:

  • Research centres (5): BSC, CEA , Cineca, Fraunhofer, Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ)
  • European SMEs (3): E4 Computer Engineering , ParTec, Megware
  • European controlled corporations (5): Atos/Bull, ESI Group, Leonardo, Thales, Seagate
  • International companies with R&D in Europe (2): Fujitsu, IBM Research


Current Steering Board organisation

  • Chairman:  Atos/Bull  -  Jean-Pierre Panziera
  • Vice-chair for Research:  CEA  -  Jean-Philippe Nominé
  • Vice-chair for Industry:  Seagate  -  Sai Narasimhamurthy
  • Secretary-Administrator:  ParTec  -  Hugo Falter
  • Treasurer:  Fraunhofer  -  Guy Lonsdale



The Chairman of ETP4HPC

Jean-Pierre Panziera is the Chief Technology Director for Extreme Computing at Atos. He started his career in 1982 developing new algorithms for seismic processing in the research department of the Elf-Aquitaine oil company. He then moved to the Silicon valley as an application engineer and took part in a couple of startup projects, including a parallel supercomputer for Evans & Sutherland in 1989. During the following 20 years, he worked for SGI successively as application engineer, leader of the HPC application group and Chief Engineer. In 2009, he joined Bull, now an Atos company, where he is responsible for the HPC developments. Jean-Pierre holds an engineer degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris.



We have a virtual Office. The members of our Office team are based in several European countries (France, Germany,  Spain, Hungary, Netherlands). They either work from home or are hosted by an ETP4HPC member.

The Office is in charge of editorial work for the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), general support for communication and administration, and more generally, all executive tasks under the Steering Board supervision.

Meet the team: the ETP4HPC Office Experts

Maike Gilliot coordinates our  Office, and also takes care of EXDCI-2, HPC-GIG, workshops.... She graduated from TU Darmstadt (Germany) at the department of Computer Science. She worked as research assistant at the University of Freiburg at the department of Telematics, before joining Inria (France) in 2011. At Inria, she worked as a technology transfer officer at the Inria Research Center of Saclay-Île-de-France:  as such, Maike was the “binding link” between Inria and its industrial partners: she set-up research collaborations and  technology transfer projects, in particular with SMEs (licensing issues, legal aspects and negotiation) and was also involved in support actions for start-ups. She joined Teratec and the ETP4HPC office team in February 2016. 


Dr. Michael MALMS is an ETP4HPC Expert with a focus on the generation of SRA updates and future technical HPC roadmaps. He joined IBM Systems Development in Boeblingen, Germany in 1984 and has held various technical and management positions in IBM System Development in Boeblingen and in the US. His main domain was pioneering new System Architectures and Designs, during the last 10 years mainly in the area of HPC (e.g. the compute nodes for the 2004 "Mare Nostrum“ System at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as well as for the first Petaflop "Roadrunner“ System in 2008 were both developed by his development team). He graduated from the Technical University of Aachen (Germany) in 1978 and received a PhD degree in Computer Science in 1982.


Marcin Ostasz graduated from the Technical University of Budapest at the Faculty of Electronics with an MSc degree and he also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree awarded by Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Marcin has over 20 years of combined experience gained at various technical, project management, operations management, business analysis and process improvement positions with organisations such as Nokia, American Power Conversion, Dell, GE and Barclays Bank. Marcin is currently working at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC, as a business analyst, where his primary role is supporting ETP4HPC, the European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing (ETP4HPC, as an Expert and managing one of its Office hubs. His other tasks include supporting projects, programmes and organisations such as PRACE, SHAPE, Mont-Blanc and e-IRG. He specialises in managing industrial relations, road-mapping, workshop management and business analysis. Marcin speaks Polish, English, Irish, Catalan, Hungarian and Czech.


Pascale Bernier-Bruna is our Communication leader. She holds a Master in Translation from Institut Supérieur d'Interprétariat et de Traduction in Paris. She joined Bull (now part of the Atos group) in 1986 and has since held a number of positions in technical documentation, marketing, and communication. She joined the HPC division in 2006. She is currently the HPC Communication Manager at Atos, as well as the dissemination leader for projects Mont-Blanc 2020, NEASQC and RED-SEA. She has been part of the ETP4HPC Office Team since March 2018.


Maria Toth supports the office with project related activities (EXDCI-2, HPC-GIG).  She has an MSc in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest and in International Management from CEMS (Community of European Management Schools). She has been working with EU projects since 2007. Prior to joining ETP4HPC in September 2020 she worked as project manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Central European University, Geonardo Technologies Ltd and at Europa Media non-profit Ltd.




ETP4HPC members

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