Vision and mission

ETP4HPC is the catalyst for European Advanced Computing provision


Key objective

Guide the development of the European advanced computing ecosystem:

  • Facilitate the sustainable development, adoption, integration and use of the latest IT technologies in any application domain requiring intensive, complex simulation, massive data processing/management, or machine learning (from pervasive to high-end deployment and delivery)
  • Support the entire advanced computing community and value chain in Europe
  • Advise, inform, and influence advanced computing EU policy and decision makers



Main instrument

The elaboration, maintenance and dissemination of the European advanced computing technology roadmap, i.e. the ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), which delineates the technological path for all stakeholders of the advanced computing value chain and related technologies.


Operational priorities

  • SRA:
    • Produce, maintain and disseminate the European HPC Technology Roadmap, ensuring the impact of the SRA on the funding bodies, policies;
    • Collaborate with complementary technology communities - ensuring that our roadmapping activities reflect the requirements of other emerging technologies and connects with the wider ‘digital continuum’;
    • Leverage the SRA outside of ETP4HPC and the European advanced computing Community by ensuring its impact on the global trends.
  • SMEs - support the interests of SMEs within the European advanced computing value chain
  • Use of advanced computing - support the development of usable and productive advanced computing solutions by lobbying for the technological components required by users, in particular industry
  • Skills - support the provision of advanced computing skills required in Europe, including those needed to create technology and support the infrastructure
  • Networking - among our members to strengthen the European HPC community
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