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The Politecnico di Torino, founded in 1906 from the roots of the Technical School for Engineers created in 1859, has a long-standing tradition of leadership of polytechnic culture. It is one of the most important universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies, strongly committed to collaboration with industry.


It has a yearly budget of about €317 million and over 38.700 students enrolled in academic courses of different levels. POLITO employs 1.191 people among professors and tenured researchers, with 986 administrative employees. Each year POLITO draw up about 800 contracts with industries, government funded institutions, local organizations. The participation to many national and international projects allows POLITO to accrue a great experience: in the FP7 Politecnico had more than 230 approved projects with a total EU contribution of 66 million Euro, ranking among the top 200 entities participating in FP7; in H2020 it has 275 approved projects with a total net EU contribution of 103 million Euro; in Horizon Europe (2021-22), it has 45 approved projects with a total EU contribution of 19,9 million Euro. 

Regarding the attendance at European Community level, Polito has a Hub at Unioncamere in Brussels, aimed at increasing the international visibility of the University.







Concerning the HPC field, the activity involves several Departments. Consequently, it covers a wide range of areas that go from the study of new hardware solutions for future HPC systems, to parallel software optimization, to the exploitation of HPC infrastructures for the study and development of new solutions in several fields of engineering.

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