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ZeroPoint’s technology delivers up to 50% higher performance per watt for Servers and Embedded products

The most challenging bottlenecks in computing systems are memory capacity and bandwidth. ZeroPoint´s technology compresses the main memory loss-less in real-time with a factor of 2-4x, this is a huge opportunity that doubles memory capacity and memory bandwidth. The result is a significantly faster system at lower CAPEX and OPEX. We deliver more performance per watt to Servers and Embedded Systems based on ARM, RISC-V and Intel chip architectures.




Servers in the world are consuming about 1% of the global electricity available and is predicted to increase to 5% within a few years. ZeroPoint has developed a technology that can drastically reduce the energy consumed by servers. An typical data center consume 1 TWh/year. With ZeroPoint’s technology, the saving would be 0,2 TWh/year. The memory compression technology increases system performance significantly and cut the energy of the memory by half. In short: More Performance per Watt.

The product is packaged in a HW IP block, that is integrated next to the DRAM controller on the SoC, that effectively double the memory capacity and memory bandwidth using our proprietary compression algorithms. Our product has been verified with standard DRAM and processor interfaces. We have worked hard to make the solution fully transparent to the operating system to ease integration. Thanks to our ultra-tuned compression/decompression accelerators and that data is compressed when fetched from memory, the memory access latency is often shorter with compression than without.

In addition to compression, ZeroPoint also offers memory encryption, a technology that delivers high throughput and high security memory encryption, integrated with compression or stand alone.


Servers and Embedded products are pushing the limits of technology and face a common challenge with the memory capacity and bandwidth while maintaining a competitive FLOPS/Watt ratio. The potential for a Server is to cut the DRAM memory cost and the memory energy consumed, in half.

Smart mobiles main challenge is different, the fierce battle of the customers requires an exceptional user experience. ZeroPoint’s technology can provide a superfast swap device at ultra-low power, this contributes to a significantly improved user experience at lower cost and power.

ZeroPoint Technologies AB was incorporated in 2015 as a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology. The Intellectual Property Portfolio related to computer memory management was then acquired from the founders and transferred into the new startup.
The Technology, ideas and many of the people behind and with ZeroPoint comes from Professor Per Stenströms research group, which is internationally recognized for excellence within high-performance Computing.

Since its creation, ZeroPoint has attracted skilled people from industry, finance and the startup community and raised its’ first round of Venture Capital in 2016.

Our technology has received significant interest from server, embedded system and smart mobile SoC developers. Systems with memory compression are environmentally friendly and financially effective. They reduce hardware waste while they increase system performance and power efficiency. In short: More Performance per Watt.

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