NICE Software

NICE Software

NICE is a pioneer in Technical and Engineering Cloud solutions, delivering products and services to hundreds of customers worldwide, including many Fortune 2000 customers in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, Government and Education markets. For more information:


NICE delivers Technical Cloud Products and Solutions, to worldwide customers, boosting productivity, saving money on IT and enabling faster design cycles and collaboration. NICE helps centralizing, optimizing and consolidating HPC and visualization resources while empowering distributed and mobile Engineering workforces to run batch and interactive applications anywhere, with any client. NICE also allows engineering teams around the world to collaborate by sharing application sessions over standard networks.


NICE EnginFrame , NICE’s HPC portal offering, is an advanced, commercially supported grid portal that provides access to grid-enabled infrastructures, HPC clusters, data, licenses, and interactive applications. It can be accessed by any authorized user with a standard web browser. EnginFrame deftly handles computational-intensive, control, and monitoring. EnginFrame is based on standard protocols that facilitate the deployment of engineer-friendly portals to create, discover, and explore more efficiently.

NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), NICE’s remote 3D “virtual workstation” offering, is an advanced remote 3D access technology that allows technical end users to access robust 3D modeling tools through a web-based portal. IT professionals can share GPUs and memory across multiple user sessions. Data resides securely in the data center, reducing load time and offering IT professionals the option of granting data and application access based on the user’s needs.

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