DISTENE's mission is to develop and to provide high-end skills and technologies in the field of pre and post-processing which help optimize and automate the simulation-based design chain.

DISTENE is an editor and distributor of software and software components in the field of pre- and post-processing for 3D scientific computing.DISTENE's portfolio of software products includes:

  • MeshGems (www.meshgems.com): a library of Meshing Software Components designed by Distene to help CAD/CAE software developers easily implement robust industrial geometry-based simulation applications. MeshGems is a reference technology on the market as it is used today by most of the major CAD/CAE software editors - Autodesk, Dassault Systemes (DS/Catia, DS/SolidWorks, DS/Simulia), PTC, MSC.Software, Siemens PLM Software (NX, Samcef, Femap) and 40 others - The MeshGems software gems aim at automating the meshing process with efficient and innovative solutions developed in collaboration with academic research institutes (INRIA and UTT)
  • EnSight, by CEI Inc.: a high performance post-processing and advanced visualisation end-user package, designed for the engineers who want to analyse efficiently their 3D simulation results, even on very large datasets. The EnSight range of products also helps the collaboration between project teams by making the “decision-making” analysis easier, sharing the same “vision” of the results and conclusions.

High Performance Computing at DISTENEThe availability of High Performance Computing CAD/CAE solutions has become a major request of the industry today. This is caused by ever growing challenges they are facing daily to design complex systems and products. As a supplier of such software solutions, DISTENE has been investing a strong R&D effort for many years to develop HPC versions of its software technologies.In particular, DISTENE has been part from the very start of the TERATEC initiative (see www.teratec.eu: TERATEC's main mission is to contribute to the development of high performance computing) and established its headquarters on the TERATEC campus.DISTENE has also been working in many collaborative R&D national projects involving the design of high performance computing solutions.

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