E4 Computer Engineering

E4 Computer Engineering

Born in 2002 from the mastermind of two IT enthusiasts with a vision, E4 Computer Engineering designs and manufactures high performance systems for industrial and scientific research environments reaching a wide variety of customers that range from universities to computing centers. Although E4’s core-business is on HPC, our expertise extends to all segments of IT. Thanks to the established experience and the outstanding quality of our solutions, E4 Computer Engineering is acknowledged and valued as a one-of-a-kind technology vendor by many prestigious business and scientific organizations.  The innovative approach to technology and the custom made design of each solution allow E4 to deliver highly personalized, cost effective and power saving solutions. Visit www.e4company.com

E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A., with offices in Italy and UK, is the only privately owned Italian Company able to compete successfully versus the big IT multinationals in delivering cutting edge hardware solutions.Main business areas:

  • HPC & HA cluster solutions for Scientific Research
  • State of the art Enterprise solutions for medium/large companies
  • Custom made turn-key data center for both scientific and industrial purposes


HPC specific activities

  • E4 systems are designed to meet the strictest technology requirements including density, scalability, redundancy, compatibility, availability and power efficiency
  • customers are provided with all the necessary tools to carry out tests and assess the solution’s parameters before the actual acquirement.
  • focus on research & development of newest technologies to design and engineer highly customized solutions
  • excellent Time-to-Market due to tight bond with all major technology vendors

Expertise areas: Physics, biochemistry, biosciences, genetics, weather forecasting, climatology, 3D design, CAD-CAE, CFD, automotive, telemetry, service providing, Oil&Gas, manufacturing, Energy, VDI.

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