European HPC Exa-scale Projects

The European HPC Eco-system and its technology, application infrastructure pillars are now being supported by a 700 million Euro investment programme by the European Commission. There are also other, more ambitious plans to ensure European leadership in HPC technology, application and infrastructure provision.

We have published the '2016 European HPC Handbook' plus '2016 Small Handbook' (summaries of projects), with up-to-date detailing of the European HPC Technology Projects within the European HPC Eco-system. You may also consult the 2015 European HPC Technology Handbook here.

What follows below is a short summary of the development of European HPC. There is list of documents and links at the end of this page, which can be used as references.

1. European HPC is based on three pillars: Research Infastracture (PRACE), HPC Technology (represented by ETP4HPC) and Application Expertise (developed through the Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications /CoEs). The details of the development of European HPC are available here.

2. The European Commission runs 'calls' for proposals for projects in the area of technology and application. A summary of the FP7-funded technology projects can be found here whilst a list of all Horizon 2020 FETHPC (Future and Emerging Technologies - HPC) funded projects is here. The EXDCI project (European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative - coordinating the European HPC Strategy) has a webpage ( - click on 'Collaboration') dedicated to summaries of all the European Projects.

3. ETP4HPC has issued a Position paper to define its international collaboration strategy. ETP4HPC helps the European Exa-scale projects develop international collaboration relationships. This work is being carried out within the EXDCI project, which has the objective of coordinating the entire European HPC strategy.

4. Europe has ambtious plans within its European Cloud Initiative. One objective of the European Cloud initiative is to have a supercomputer based on EU technology amongst the world top three by 2022.

Documents and Links:

EU site on European HPC Strategy

Digital Single Market

European Cloud Initiative

EXDCI - European eXtreme Data and Computing Initiative - the European HPC strategy coordination project

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