ISC 2019 BoF: Building Energy Efficient HPC Systems



Energy efficiency is one of the most pressing issues for HPC in general and particularly on the path to Exascale. It has to be addressed at multiple levels: applications, system software, hardware, and infrastructure. With this in mind, the ETP4HPC has forged a working group on the topic to create awareness about latest research and developments on energy efficiency in HPC, share experiences, and to promote best practices on the design and use of HPC systems and infrastructures.


This BoF is organized by the ETP4HPC Energy Efficiency Working Group to allow the community to present their activities towards energy efficiency in HPC and to serve as a forum to bring together like-minded people to discuss ideas, share experiences, and outline further research topics.



- Michael Ott,  Senior Researcher at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

- Maike Gilliot, ETP4HPC Office / Teratec

- Julita Corbalan, Collaborator researcher/Associated professor at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia

- Peter Hopton, Founder and VP of  Iceotope

  • confirmed
    Internal ETP4HPC event
  • to be confirmed
    Internal ETP4HPC event
  • external
    External organisation event
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