ETP4HPC webinar: meet our ISC co-exhibitors, 5 questions to projects DEEP-EST and Mont-Blanc 2020



The 2nd ETP4HPC webinar will take place on July 3rd from  10:30 am to 11:30 am CET. It will focus on networking. Nothing can replace our booth at ISC as a meeting and networking place, but nevertheless we would like to introduce the 4 SMEs that were meant to exhibit on our ISC booth. Many of you are familiar with our Handbook of European HPC research projects, and we will invite 2 of those projects to know more on their outcome.





- 3 new ETP4HPC members introduce themselves (5 minutes each)


Today: the French SME Agenium Scale,  the EOFS association (European Open File System) and the Italian SME Do IT Systems.


 - Meet the 4 SME members that we initially planned to host on our booth at ISC (5 minutes each)

Bright Computing,  Constelcom,  NAG,  Submer

Don't wait for the webinar, visit our virtual ISC showcase to watch their videos and access information on what they do>


- 5 questions to projects DEEP-EST and Mont-Blanc 2020


These two EC-funded projects have at least two points in common: they are long-term projects that have known several successive phases, and they are focused on defining an energy-efficient hardware architecture for HPC. They also both have a co-design approach, have built prototypes and addressed the necessary software environment.

We will ask them 5 questions to find out about their results, their next steps, their challenges, their collaborations, and how they can contribute to European sovereignty in HPC technology provisioning.


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