ETP4HPC webinar: Two FF4EuroHPC success stories focused on environmental impact



11am-12pm CEST

The FF4EuroHPC project gives European SMEs the opportunity to use European high-end HPC services to develop innovative products or solutions. The two FF4EuroHPC open calls target high-quality experiments involving innovative, agile SMEs. Each experiment is an end-user-relevant case study demonstrating the use of Cloud-based HPC and the benefits it brings to the value chain from the end-user to the HPC-infrastructure provider.


This webinar will focus on two experiments related to environmental impact, which were both successfully concluded:

  • HERCULES - weather forecast for drone operation
  • MARINE LITTER HUNTER - HPC-Based navigation system for an autonomous marine litter-hunting project




11:00 Introduction & housekeeping (ETP4HPC)

11:05 Introducting FF4EuroHPC and the speakers

by Tina Marc, Communication Lead (Arctur)

11:10 Marine Litter Hunter

by Emanuele Della Volpe, CEO and Aerospace Engineer at Green Tech Solution

Green Tech Solution (GTS) has automated the collection of marine litter thought real-time identification of floating plastic debris on the sea via unmanned vehicles that send GPS coordinates to an unmanned vessel, through a ground control station, which reaches and collects the plastic waste, without the intervention of operators.

The limited ability to predict the future position of the debris is limiting the efficiency of the entire system as the time and energy consumption of collection increases significantly.

The HPC experiment allow us to drive into the next phase the collaboration of the unmanned systems for:

  • Marine Litter Recognition
  • Marine Litter Path Prediction
  • Marine Litter Recovery strategy Optimization


by Jose L. Munoz Gamarra, Technical Director at Aslogic

The HERCULES project develops specific weather forecast models for drones, as due to their size they are much more vulnerable to adverse wind flight conditions. In this project, we have developed an approach independent of ground infrastructures.



Emanuele Della Volpe, Aerospace engineer at the Federico II University of Naples and aerospace designer at the Aerospace District of Campano (DAC).

Since 2015 he has started an independent research and development course aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of an automatic system for the protection of the sea from floating solid waste, called Litter Hunter, creating scale prototypes and automatic mission management software.

He was a researcher at the Department of Science and Technology of the University of Naples Parthenope. From 2016, the research path becomes broader on process automation technologies in view of Industry 4.0 and unmanned navigation systems in the air (UAV), land and marine (USV) environments.


Jose L. Munoz Gamarra

Jose Luis is Aslogic's technical director. After completing his PhD in microelectronics at the University of Barcelona and CEA LETI he joined Aslogic developing Decision Support Systems based on Machine Learning techniques. During the last years, they have focused their efforts on Air Traffic Management and the integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


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