ETP4HPC webinar: TCI Use Case - Urban Air Pollution



11:00 am - noon CEST


A webinar dedicated to one of the use cases addressed by the TransContinuum Initiative, with Zoltán Horváth, President of EU-MATHS-IN.


Fast and accurate simulation of the emission and dispersion of traffic emitted pollutants is an important challenge of many European cities. Such a simulation is a tool for cities in supporting environmental decisions, and optimizing vehicular traffic in cities subject to constraints on pollution levels. 


In this presentation a digital twin of urban air pollution with applications of traffic control is provided. Data from traffic air pollutant sensors, Copernicus services, and ECMWF forecasts are continuously coupled in an automated way to HPC simulations, which result in re-analysis and forecast for the urban traffic control. Establishment of the online simulation, the crucial point of digital twins will be aslo detailed.


The digital twin has been analysed in the TCI use case analysis process. The presentation will show the contributions by different platforms as well and the status of the joint white paper.




Zoltán Horváth is professor of mathematics and computational sciences, head of department at Széchenyi István University, Gy?r, Hungary. He received his degrees from the Eotvos Loránd University, Budapest. He is the president of the EU-MATHS-IN, the European Service Network of Industry and Innovation, and at the same time the SRA-coordinator of EU-MATHS-IN.

With his mathematics led interdisciplinary research group, he is involved in several European R&I activities: scientific coordinator of the concluded MSO4SC and a PI of the running HiDALGO CoE H2020 projects. His current research focus is on model order reduction of compressible 3D fluids, positivity and strong stability preserving implicit time-stepping methods. He has been leading and contributing in solving several challenges of industry and society, among others simulation of acoustics of exhaust systems of cars, digital twin for urban air pollution, and applications of machine learning in health-care (AI-based diagnostics of cancer, precision medicine in oncology).


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