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After LUMI in October, we will discuss another of the three EuroHPC pre-exascale systems: LEONARDO, the supercomputer hosted and managed by Cineca, installed in the new data center located in the Technopole of Bologna.


Leonardo as one of the top supercomputers in the world is a one-of-a-kind hardware and software infrastructure. To provide Its massive computing capability, many tightly coupled devices and components need to work together at their highest capability. This continuous excellence poses a lot of technical challenges, from top to bottom, in order to make Leonardo system functioning as intended.  

The webinar focuses on the journey of a researcher that will use Leonardo as a key enabling technology to tackle the most demanding scientific challenges, and what happens under the hood to support the scientific production on Leonardo. 

Speaker: Mirko Cestari, Head of Technologies, Architectures and HPC Systems at CINECA




Mirko Cestari
has a PhD in material science and computing simulations. He is
responsible for the technological evolution of CINECA’s computing infrastructure with the goal of  providing world-class services to Italian and European researchers. He is technical representative for Leonardo and other EU research infrastructure. His main duties involve technology scouting, procurement proecedure, technical consultancy and training.

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