ETP4HPC webinar: Karolina



11am - 12pm CET


This webinar will provide a detailed overview of the architecture of the Karolina supercomputer, located at the National Supercomputing Center IT4Innovations in Ostrava, Czech Republic. It will discuss technical specifications, computational power, technologies used, and software equipment that efficiently processes large data sets and complex computations. It will introduce significant research and development projects being solved on the Karolina supercomputer. This includes a wide range of applications from scientific research through machine learning to simulations in fields such as material sciences, biology, meteorology, and others.


In 2024, IT4Innovations will become home to the LUMI-Q quantum computer, which the consortium of the same name will operate. The webinar will elaborate on the planned integration of the Karolina supercomputer with a quantum computer LUMI-Q. It will explain how this integration moves the boundaries of computing technology and what new possibilities it opens for research and applications in the field of quantum computing. The discussion will also cover the potential of quantum computers to complement traditional supercomputers and the significance of this step for future research and technological development.



Branislav Jansík joined IT4Innovations, the Czech National Supercomputing Center, in 2012 as a Director of Supercomputing Services. At IT4Innovations, he leads the supercomputer procurement, deployment and service operations. He published over 50 papers and co-authored the DALTON electronic structure theory code.






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