AIOTI Webinar: Presenting IoT and Edge Computing Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology Report



16:00-17:30 CET


This public webinar organised by our Transcontinuum Initiative partner AIOTI may be of interest to many of the ETP4HPC members.


AIOTI WG ICT for CO2 Reduction Methodologies updated the IoT and Edge Computing Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology Report.

This Report addresses the users of IoT and Edge Computing technologies and services to help them understand and make informed choices on how to assess the carbon footprint of solutions and services they use and to also measure how these methodologies support carbon footprint reduction of their use.

The Report is structured to present the rules and regulations of the European Green Deal, the initiatives and standards, and existing methodologies of measuring ICT carbon footprint. The report also includes how those methodologies can be applied to IoT and Edge Computing, the description of the methodologies, selection criteria and how to measure the benefits of using them in reducing carbon footprint by using IoT and Edge Computing technologies and services for several industrial domains.

This version of the report (Release 2) updates the equations that were introduced in version (Release 1.1) of the Report, which address the calculation of avoided carbon emissions in industrial sectors when ICT is applied by focusing on:

  • a baseline (industrial) scenario that is supported by an ICT solution and a green-enabled (industrial) scenario that applies an advanced ICT solution to reduce carbon emissions in the same industrial scenario,
  • the impact that a closed-loop recycling/allocation process has on these equations.

The Report ends with conclusions and recommendations for practical use.


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